Adventure is something you can find plenty of in Wyoming and just a short drive is all that's needed to get to one of the coolest, yet hot, attractions in the state. Wyoming Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis is a great place to take a quick trip to relax and heal.

I've been to Thermopolis plenty of times, but have never had the time to spend in the park and explore. If you've never taken the drive, it will be well worth your time. Doesn't matter which direction you're coming from in the state, the drive is equally spectacular.

I'd heard from lots of people that taking a dip in the mineral hot springs can help out any ailments your body has and after spending a few minutes in, I can attest for that. After a long day, taking a few minutes and soaking will loosen up your joints, muscles and mind. It's pretty cool how it all works and your achy body will thank you.

A large concrete pool has the water piped directly into it from the spring at around 110 degrees. The mineral water sits in a holding tank until it flows into the main pool at a comfortable 104 degrees with jets that keep the water circulating.

The tub I used was at the Hot Springs Hotel and Spa (formerly Days Inn) which is just inside the park.

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The park itself has a bathhouse that is open for public use, where the water is maintained at 104 degrees and perfect for relaxing. The best part is the hot springs are free to use and enjoy.

The hot springs have been used for hundreds of years for and because of over 20 minerals in the water, they're said to have healing powers.

Take the trip, but be prepared to smell like 20 combined minerals for a while. The experience and drive are well worth it.

Check out this video all about the park.

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