North Dakota kills us in the smile competition, at #4. The dental health of Wyomingites is not the worst of all 50 states, but we don’t rank in the better half of them, at 37th, says

Teeth are really important. Have you ever heard bad teeth can be tied to many others health issues from head to toe. At a dive one time, I had bar food, drank alcohol, and smoked a little. Mentioning my unhealthy behavior (but feeling better by the minute), the old man sitting next to me said, “I haven’t had any more health problems since I got all new teeth.”

Research found something odd about women and teeth. Those who grew up “in communities with fluoridated water earn about four percent more than women who did not,” adding that they found “no effect of fluoridation for men.” (Hmmm.)

WalletHub broke down the 50 states and D.C. for teeth health on 23 different kinds of data – likely more information than we want – unless you have a thing for all things teeth, then click here.

States with the Best Dental Health

1 Minnesota

2 Wisconsin

3 Illinois

4 North Dakota

5 Connecticut

States with the Worst Dental Health

46 Louisiana

47 Mississippi

48 Arkansas

49 Montana

50 Alabama

A quick congrats to Idaho and Nebraska, ranked numbers 12 and 14.