More people are wiping the handles of shopping carts. Here in Wyoming no doubt you've seen someone grab a wipe provided by the store. Police are now warning, however, that we should all do it. If you’ve heard of fentanyl, you may know that it can get into the system just by contact with hands. And that can be deadly.

Police departments from Arkansas to Akron, Ohio have been warning this is not the only drug or “similar substance” that is far more dangerous than just germs and catching a cold. Fentanyl is especially threatening to children.

The Leachville, AK Police Department has now removed their grave Facebook post, but a report says the same police maintain more drugs are getting onto cart handles. When dealing with drugs, police take every precaution and just encourage others to be safe as well.

We have no reports of any deaths in Wyoming by contact with shopping cart handles. Overdoses, yes, but innocent people who didn’t wipe, no.

The odds of this kind of tragedy happening to you aren’t known, but I can tell you, I just became a shopping cart wiper.

If you’re like me, and once made fun of “germaphobes,” trust me, I’m not laughing anymore. In fact, even if this has been just another big scare and we over-reacted, it’s the kind of horrifying scenario that can give parents nightmares.

I'd just clean and have sweet dreams.