If you need something to entertain yourself if you workout on a treadmill, consider this. Thanks to a new video, you can walk through Jackson, Wyoming - kinda.

I've learned that virtual walking treadmill video are quite the thing. If you do a search for virtual walking on YouTube, you'll see a multitude of options from cities around the world.

The guy that did this video starts in Jackson's town square near the Antler Arches. He then walks through various parts of downtown including some of the shopping areas.

I'm no virtual walking expert, but I found it interesting that he narrates much of his walk. I guess it's like exercising with a partner. My wife likes these kind of videos, but isn't fond of people talking. Or, maybe it's just me talking she doesn't like. Hmm.

If I were into this type of exercise, I'd definitely follow this guy's YouTube channel. He does walk in a number of western US cities like Butte, Missoula, Billings, Ogden, etc.

If you do this walk through Jackson, maybe you'll bump into Harrison Ford. In Jackson, you never know.

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