Boy, do I have a treat for you. A visitor has shared a virtual walk through downtown Casper that you can enjoy on your phone because doing the real thing is way too hard.

Yes, more than a little sarcasm here. It might seem a little silly to share a virtual walk through our town since most of us can just get out and see this with our own eyes. But, I do find it interesting when visitors stop in Casper to see what their observations of our town are. This guy's name is Henry and he does videos for YouTube channel City Walks. This is his play-by-play while walking around Casper.

Thanks for the Wikipedia reading, Henry. It's way more fun than reading it ourselves. I found it funny that he didn't like the sometimes public music playing downtown. He's probably not alone in that thought.

I also laughed when he mentioned that "maybe February isn't the ideal time to visit Casper". Henry said he'd like to come back during summer. Ha. You'll love it, Henry. Summer is a great 3-day-weekend here before it becomes winter again.

Henry does seem to like our hometown. That's meaningful when someone who doesn't know anything about us has a good impression. I will admit to not being the most objective person since my family loves this town.

I do have to ding Henry on his guess that Sherrie's Place might be a brewery. You really should have stopped in for some desserts, Henry. Seriously.

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