What does it say about me when I can link nearly every pivotal aspect of my childhood to a trip to McDonald's?  And when you think about it, isn't that a funny name for arguably, the most successful fast-food franchise in history?

But I digress...Ta-Da!  Move over "McRib!"  Just in time for March and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, please give a big, frosty, return-round-of-applause for the "Shamrock Shake!"  

First introduced in 1970, the "Shamrock Shake" was a cold, green, minty, slow-swig of Irish Heaven.  It would not only take on cult-like status, but it would pave the way for all of the other "themed" drinks out there.  I loved these things almost as much as those cool coloring calenders with the coupons that I used to get.

The shake has been discontinued off and on throughout the years, but for a limited time it's available again.  Yes!  Unfortunately it's only available in certain locations.  Fortunately, there's the Shamrock Shake Locator.  Once again, a chance to re-live my childhood! (like I've ever left)

Check this out.