This series, Casper One Tank RoadTrips, is about getting out of the everyday and seeing the area around Casper in one tank of gas. This episode is a photo gallery that captures the area outside of Kaycee, Wyoming. It includes the area known as the Red Wall and Hole In The Wall Valley.

Saturday my wife and I decided to head north out of Casper on I-25. We were not sure where our ultimate destination would be. That is half the fun. There were several things going on that weekend, so we had lots of choices.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

At first we decided to check out the town of Kaycee. We stopped and rested in Chris LeDoux Park. The flowers were in bloom around the larger than life statue of LeDoux, his horse, and his guitar. There was not much in Kaycee, but thankfully we visited the Hoofprints of the Past Museum.

There were old washing boards and kitchen items like butter churns, meat grinders, antique whisks. They had an artificial leg which was not much more than a shaped piece of wood with some metal. Hoofprints of the Past was a time capsule of the Johnson County War and the Hole in the Wall Gang with arrowheads and guns. In a blacksmith replica display, there was a display showing the various types of barbed wire.

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

We spent some time looking at the old buildings outside. There was Kaycee’s first school and first jail. Plus they had a homesteader’s house. After talking with the volunteer, she recommended a visit to the Red Wall.

In these same cliffs was where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid. The famous Hole in the Wall Outlaw Cave was in this area. We drove about 17 miles down Barnum Road till we were surrounded by the Red Wall. We traveled past an occasional ranch or old barn falling to pieces.

We then headed to The Blue Creek Public Access area. The sign had its run-in with modern outlaws. The sun peeked through the bullet holes like they were points of interest on the map. There was a carcass in the grass. The tall grass around was smashed down by various scavengers feeding from the deceased animal.

We drove down the road further. The Red Wall stretched on as far as the eye could see. It was hard to know when to stop and turn around. The curiosity in me always wants to see what is behind the next bend in the road. Well, there is always next weekend.