After 1941, December 7 was supposed to be a day that would forever live in infamy. Unfortunately, as the years pass it seems that remembrances of this day are becoming more infrequent. It's my opinion that it's time to teach a new generation why this day must always be remembered.

I cast no stones for those that have no idea what December 7 means. 79 years have passed since the surprise attack by the Japanese against Pearl Harbor. The sad truth is many who were alive that day aren't with us anymore.

The simple fact of that day is December 7, 1941 was a surprise attack by Japan against the United States base in Hawaii. At the time, the United States was a neutral country. We entered World War 2 the next day by declaration of Congress. As the White House website states, 2,403 Americans were killed that day.

It's understandable that this day seems to lose attention as the years pass which is why I believe it's important that those of us whose families were directly affected to bring it back to memory. My dad was 15 at the time of the attack. Just a few years later, it would lead to his enlistment in the Army where he would serve as a MP in Okinawa after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Photo, Doc Holliday
Photo, Doc Holliday

My dad came home while many didn't. Wikipedia documents that as a direct result of what happened on December 7, 1941, 291,557 Americans would die in combat in World War 2. It's for that reason why we can never let this day fade from our memory even if very few

Remembrance Ceremony Held To Mark 73rd Anniversary Of Attack On Pearl Harbor
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It's my opinion that December 7 needs to be given more importance. If for only a second, please take a moment today and recognize and remember those who were lost that day and in the following years in World War 2. It's been said that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. That is one day we never want to live through ever again.

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