You can't have the name Doc Holliday and not have a strong opinion about western movies. It's physically and spiritually not possible. I have a deep personal conviction that "Unforgiven" is the best movie about Wyoming. Change my mind.

I'm not alone in believing that "Unforgiven" is a classic. As IMDb documents, the 1992 Clint Eastwood movie won 4 Oscars and zillions of other awards. But, there is one fact that makes it controversial. More on that in a second.

The story of "Unforgiven" is set in and around the fictional town of Big Whiskey, Wyoming in the late 1800's. Clint Eastwood's character William Munny. Years ago, he was a cold blooded killer, but transforms into a family man. Years after his wife passes from disease, he's left alone to raise his two kids alone. The movie picks up where he's contacted by "The Schofield Kid" about collecting a bounty on some guys who have maimed some women of ill repute. I won't recap the entire story since most of the world knows it by now, but it's a classic.

Why do I believe it's the overall best movie about Wyoming? In my opinion, it captures three key Wyoming virtues: redemption, family and ultimately justice. I would argue the ending of "Unforgiven" rivals the end of any other movie. Ever.

Now to the painful part that makes my opinion controversial...

It wasn't filmed in Wyoming. At all. 

As much as it pains me to admit it, "Unforgiven" was filmed in Alberta, Canada and...(*drum roll*) California. Ugh. That's why I'm leaving myself open to you changing my opinion. Tell me what movie about Wyoming is better than "Unforgiven", but you better bring a great one. It's hard to beat the movie "Unforgiven" when you have been given a swell wild west nickname like mine. My name really is Holliday and my family really is related to the gunfighter John "Henry" Holliday so make sure your recommendation can sway me off of one of the all-time great westerns.

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