Since the launch of season 5 of Longmire, we decided to have some fun pitting Walt against other characters and actors. It is a virtual battle royal, and Walt so far has won every round. Round one the Absaroka County Sheriff beat the Andy Griffith by a landslide. Round two he faced some tougher competition facing John Wayne. For round three, Walt will square off against a modern rival, Clint Eastwood.

Before we go into round three, let’s take a look at results of round two. We asked you if you were stuck between a rock and a hard place, who would you want to have your back? John Wayne? Or Walt Longmire?

Walt again gets the win. It was closer than round one, but Longmire keeps the title. Will he take the win in round three against actor, director Clint Eastwood? In this imaginary battle, we used our time machine to get a young Eastwood to make sure this is a fair fight.

Eastwood spent time filming in the Cowboy state. Some of the scenes of "The Outlaw Josey Wales" were shot in Wyoming. Jackson also made an appearance in "Every Witch Way But Loose." Eastwood directed Unforgiven which was set in fictional town of Big Whiskey, Wyoming.

If you look at Josey Wales, Walt has some things in common. They are both rough and tough people who you don't want to get on their bad side. They are both widowers, but Josey lost his whole family. Although Walt is a man of the law, he did seek revenge for his late wife. Whit Josey Wales ... well, he embraced his lawlessness, and you know the story.

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