Who would you rather have as Sheriff? The tragic hero Walt Longmire or the simple gentlemen Andy Griffith? They are both widowers and sheriffs of smaller communities. One has Barney Fife and the other has The Ferg. You can watch both the Andy Griffith Show and Longmire on Netflix. Buffalo, WY, has Longmire Days, and Mount Airy, NC, has the annual Mayberry Days.

The two Sheriffs have a lot in common, but who would you want to oversee your town? Walt is a man of few words but full of action. Andy uses common sense and logic to solve most conflicts. Walt is not afraid to fire off a few rounds, if necessary.

Walt has solved more murders than Andy has, but that is no fault of Sheriff Griffith. There simply are not any murders to solve in Mayberry. On the same token, Andy has never killed anyone. Walt, on the other hand, can’t say the same. Also in all reality, Wyoming doesn’t have that many murders. You can read all about the body count of the TV show on Ben Lindbergh's post on Grantland.com. The truth is Wyoming’s crime rate is closer to Mayberry than Absaroka County.


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