Spring is here and warmer weather will soon lead to backyard entertaining of family and friends.  But if you've looked at the type of outdoor furniture that is available it can be hard to choose which is best for our outdoor conditions.

Like many people in Wyoming, I'm hoping to do some entertaining in my backyard and need to get some outdoor furniture.  But I've got no idea as to which type will hold up to the Wyoming weather and still be comfortable for guests.

Wicker is comfortable but is it durable?  Wrought Iron is durable but what about comfort?  Then there are all the composite, plastic, wood and other types of materials used for framing and we haven't even covered cushions and fabric.  So much to look at and so much to consider.

As I'm looking to purchase furniture for my back deck, I was hoping to get your opinion on outdoor furniture for comfort and durability.

Which type of furniture is best for the holding up against the Wyoming weather and which is the most comfortable?

Take our poll and let us know which you prefer when it comes to durability and to comfort.

That covers durability, but what about comfort?

Give us a week or so and we'll post the most popular answers for durability and comfort for backyard entertaining in Wyoming.  Thanks for your input!!


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