I'm still fairly new to Wyoming and feel like I'm adjusted quickly. One thing to know about me is that I'm not a "do the latest trend" type of guy, but I thought this one would be a good way for you to see into my life outside of the radio.

The trend is really easy, you go to your phone's camera roll and grab 21 pictures and post them. Simple right? Not really for me. I really do love it here and have shared some pictures of my travels around the state with you. I'm not the type of guy that takes many pictures and if I do, I'll delete them fairly quickly.

Luckily I do keep some pictures and honestly there are some "name drop" type pictures on my phone. I'm only going to show you just a couple those, cause it's not in may nature to tell you that I have pictures of me and Trisha Yearwood, Luke Bryan, Cody Johnson, Chancey Williams, Maddie & Tae, Chris Young, Lady A...you know...those type of people. I will tell you that I may have included a couple with myself and people you may know.

You know how some people take LOTS of pictures of their kids or dogs? I'm not that type of picture taker...I seem to have lots of pictures of alcohol. I really don't have a problem...swear!

Pictures have never really been my thing, so through the years I missed out on keeping lots of memories. I'm glad I did keep some of these, I think they will show you how I try not to take life too seriously and enjoy having a good time. If you'd like to share some of you're pictures with us, you can do it right from our mobile app.

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