The thing about Beartrap is every act is a little different. We offer a bouquet of different styles of music. Although the history of Beartrap is bluegrass, the variety of talent has expanded much since the early days. We think this is a good thing.

Sunday here in the meadow was very chill both in weather and music. It was a day for country music. Again, not just one style but a variety of music of country. It's maybe a little bluegrass. Add a dash of blues and a whole lot of soul. That is the recipe for Beartrap Summer Festival.

The gates opened with the sound of bagpipes and the LVFD Pipe Band. Followed by Eric Golden with his classic country vibes. Sometimes all you just need is a voice and a guitar, and that's what Eric brought to the meadow. Then the Sugar Britches liven up the meadow. Their style of country brings a little more jam-band but still sticks to some bluegrass roots. The wrapping up the open acts for Sunday is Tripple Nickel. They bring the country you know and love to Beartrap.

Sunday is Country with Beartrap Summer Festival 2022

Sunday at Beartrap Summer Festival brings a variety of country music to the meadow.

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