Ok maybe 'boring' is not the right word. Can we call ourselves versatile, instead?

Ah, brunch. It's not quite breakfast, not quite lunch. It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and best when paired with a mimosa or bloody mary. Plus, you don't have to be an early riser to get a taste. #WeLoveBrunch

And thanks to Pinterest, we now know the top brunch recipes in each state.

The popular idea-sharing social media site did a little research to see which recipes were the most pinned across the country. However, I'm not entirely sure who ever intends on cooking brunch on their own. I much prefer to attend a restaurant that knows how to really serve it up. Nevertheless, I think we can also see this list as a must-have in each state.

So what is Wyoming brunching on?

White bread. Well, technically it's called "My Favorite White Bread", but what's in a name? It's still white bread. The recipe is supposedly a fool-proof method of making fluffy, tall white bread. Although it's not the complicated dishes we've seen in other states, it is quite a versatile vehicle for other brunch ideas... french toast, bread pudding, eggs in a basket, toast, etc.

Simple? Sure. But also completely useful and valuable.

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