Being single can be a double edged sword.  Some would say the freedom to come and go as you please and answering to no one but yourself are reason enough to stay single.  But for those seeking a long term relationship, the Cowboy State can offer up some serious challenges!

Dating in Wyoming can come with many pitfalls, mostly because every city and town is considered a SMALL town by everyone else's standards across the country.  With smaller towns and cities, means smaller singles groups from which to find a possible compatible partner.

Singles in Wyoming have many pitfalls to navigate, here are my top 5:

1 - Long Distance Romances - Since dating pools can be extremely small in some towns, many singles are forced to drive to neighboring towns or counties to meet up or to even go out on dates.  That distance can take it's toll on any budding relationship.

2 - Small Town Gossip - Living in a small town also means a close nit community in most cases.  Small towns can also have pretty good rumor and gossip networks.  This means everyone knows your business better than you do.  If you know what I mean?

3 - Your Ex Lives Near By - Just like Sam Hunt sings about in his hit - Break Up In A Small Town - you're probably going to run into your ex from time to time.  On top of that, if the break up was not mutual, then this will create awkward moments and potential for additional drama.

4 - Hunting and Fishing Dates - Lets face it, most people in Wyoming love the great outdoors.  If you're going to date someone in Wyoming and you don't like camping, fishing or hunting, you could limit your dating pool even further.

5 - Her Truck Might Be Bigger Than Yours! - Guys that are insecure might have issues with a girl who drives a bigger truck than them.  Laugh, but it's true!  Gals in Wyoming love many of the same things as their guys and big trucks are definitely one of them.

Finally, I'll add one additional pitfall to dating in Wyoming.  The Wyoming wind!  This is mainly for the ladies, but some guys might find this true as well.  Good Luck going to the salon and getting your hair done for that big date!  Because you all know that the Wyoming Wind is sure to whip up on any special evening and make a mess out it or worse your perfect outfit.  Ladies just so you know to most men in Wyoming, jeans, camos and a ball cap are totally acceptable outfits to wear on any date!!


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