I have found something that confirms what most of us Wyoming people have known for years. Drivers in the Cowboy state are way better than our neighbors in Montana. This is now proved by science.

Car Insurance Comparison has done an annual study of the states with the worst drivers. This year, Wyoming is tied for first among the BEST drivers. This is me giving you a high-five.

Then, there's Montana. Guess where they're ranked? Montana has the 7th WORST drivers in the entire country according to this very scientific survey by Car Insurance Comparison. What they said about Montana proves my point:

Since this annual study began seven years ago, Montana has always ranked a top ten state with the worst drivers. Three times since 2011 the “Treasure State” has earned 1st as the state with the absolute worst drivers in America.

Here are all the times Montana has ranked a top-five worst state in the nation for a driving category in our study. The list is so long, we had to make a table:

I'll spare you the actual table, but encourage you to go to the Car Insurance Comparison website to witness it for yourself. It shows that Montana is #1 (not in a good way) for being the state that is worst at failure to obey. Any driver in Wyoming that has encountered one of the dreaded Montana license plates in traffic knew this already.

Next time one of your Montana friends gives you lip about how their driving really isn't that bad, show them this. And, if they want to carpool anywhere with you, I'd suggest you drive.

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