On Thursday, it was announced that a Casper man had been charged and sentenced with manslaughter for the death of another man who was accused of molesting his granddaughter.

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Olinza Headd shot Eugene Hogan III after learning that Hogan had, allegedly, molested Headd's granddaughter.

"How would you feel if you just learned your grandchild was molested?" Headd's wife asked. "I want y'all to look at him and know he's no monster."

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Much of Casper agrees, which is why a protest is being planned to "show the support and love to [Headd] and his family during this time."

The protest is currently being planned for May 6th at 4 p.m. It will take place outside of the Casper Police Department, located at 201 North David Street.

"I did lose control," Headd told the court. "I hate that I had to be the one to end that man's life. But somebody else would have if he kept touching people's children."

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