I watched this video and could only think - "Bet they wouldn't do this in Wyoming"!

A small group of vegan protesters threw a fisherman's catch back in a protest against killing animals.  Just watching the video, I was infuriated!!

These animal rights people are CRAZY!  The group refers to themselves as the Vegan Activist Family and has a YouTube channel full of them doing more dumb things like the video above.

The back story on the video shares that a couple of fisherman in Florida were fishing off of a bridge and one had caught a nice sized talapia and set it on the gound while another person when to retrieve a bucket or a stringer to keep their harvest on until time to clean their catch.  But the protesters, with camera rolling took offense with the fish flopping on the ground and one of them picks the fish up and threw it back in the water.

I'm a big proponent of 'Catch and Release', especially with healthy big fish that can produce tens of thousands of future fish.  But I do keep a few smaller fish for the frying pan as I love to eat fish as well.  But in Wyoming, once a fish has been taken into possession it is either supposed to be released unharmed immediately or it is to be placed in the fisherman's creel and counts against their fishing limit. So I wonder if this protester were to did this in Wyoming, if they would have been ticketed by WG&F?  Or not??  Either way, I'd probably have lost my cool!!

What about you??  If someone protested your fishing activities while you were fishing and through one or more of your fish back, what would you do?

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