WHY - every year - do people make or buy these horrible foods for Christmas. We all hate them and most of it gets thrown out.

Yet next year - here it comes again.



This is a veggie dish that has to be done just right or it will SUCK!

Most people do not know how to do it right, so IT SUCKS!

Don't try to feed it to the dog under the table. He has ZERO interest in it.

Cranberry Sauce

If Cranberry sauce was good then people would be eating it all year long.

Do you see people eating it all year long? --- NO!

DO YOU eat it all year long? --- Didn't think so.

That's because it sucks.

Worse than homemade cranberry sauces is the stuff that comes out of a can and retains the shape of the can when it is served at the table.

Fruitcake just SUCKS!

Don't feed it to your dog. It will beak its teeth.

Fruitcake is so bad I'm going to give it 2 videos.

Here's Johnny Carson. He asked professionals across American to try and cut one open.


The video is really funny.

Usually, Fruit Cake is set out for people to nibble on while waiting on dinner.

So then what is served for dessert at dinner?

You're really going to hate this.

Christmas pudding

This stuff comes in almost as bad as fruit cake.

But after a horrible meal filled with the stuff I just listen, why not top it off with something that sucks just as much?


It's a soggy sponge, the thick custard layer, the sharp, alcoholic undertones.

It takes a long time to make this dish. People think it looks interesting at first, but then they try it.

At this point, your dog has moved on and is eating random crap out in the backyard.


This stuff tastes HORRIBLE and can KILL YOU!

That's raw egg in there.

Even adding booze to your eggnog does not kill what is growing.

So why drink something that SUCKS - and WILL KILL YOU?

Maybe if Americans just have burgers and shake for Christmas.

That might be better.

OH LOOK! Classic Christmas Toys.

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