Two radio morning show DJ's in Florida were taken off the air until further notice all because of an April Fools’ Day prank.

"Val and Scott in the Morning" doctored up a report for the airwaves claiming that a substance known as Dihydrogen Monoxide was coming out of residents water spouts. As a result, the prank caused a panic among residents which caused the phone lines to the local water company to jam up with concerned calls.

Oh, FYI, "Dihydrogen Monoxide" is just a fancy, scientific way of describing water.

Still, that didn't stop the morning show listeners from getting all caught up in the paranoia-fueled skit. The radio station had to issue live on-air apologies the remainder of the day.

Station employees and management explained, “This messes with the big three food, water and shelter. You can't mess with those, and we did."

A press release was sent out by the local utilities company assuring residents that the water was indeed safe to use.

Do you think the DJ's were in the wrong? Are authorities over-reacting? Would you have known what Dihydrogen Monoxide? Comment with your thoughts below.

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