If you listen to this Casper radio station, you have something in common with people near Anchorage, Alaska as there is proof they heard it this past summer.

An Alaska group just shared this video on YouTube with the following description:

KTWO – Juneau 22nd, 2018, 01:30 local time. Received while camping at Summit Lake Camp Ground about 80 mile drive south of Anchorage. Equipment used, ALA1000 loop and Perseus SDR Receiver

If you check out the audio, you'll notice this is our sister radio station, K2 Radio.

How does this happen? Put on your dork hat because the Electronics Notes website has the completely dorky definition of what happens when radio waves interact with the ionosphere.

As electromagnetic waves, and in this case, radio signals travel, they interact with objects and the media in which they travel. As they do this the radio signals can be reflected, refracted or diffracted. These interactions cause the radio signals to change direction, and to reach areas which would not be possible if the radio signals travelled in a direct line.

There you have it. A Casper radio station reaches Anchorage, Alaska backed up by science.

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