Have you ever watched a video and hoped one thing would happen instead of what actually happened. That's how I feel about a situation where a Yellowstone park ranger was forced to use bear spray to stop a charging bear when I wished he had used it on the tourists.

This was just shared as new this week by Distinctly Montana although the incident happened back in 2015. Watch for yourself and just look at all the tourists who are way too close to the bear forcing the ranger to deploy bear spray to protect the clueless people.

The mother bear and cubs appeared to be minding their own business feeding on vegetation until the park ranger has to position himself between the tourists and the bears. You'll notice that not only did many get out of their cars, but several had cameras on tripods making the ability to flee quickly impossible.

The bear bluff charges twice, but it doesn't appear that she had any real intentions of attacking. But, thanks to the losers, she had bear spray used on her. Sad.

The least followed rule in Yellowstone as stated on the National Park Service website is to stay AT LEAST 100 yards from the bears and wolves.

I seriously wish the ranger had turned around and used the spray on the tourists. They were in the wrong. The bears were not. But, that's the sad reality of tourist season in Yellowstone.

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