A Rawlins guy proved that the impossible is actually possible. He demonstrated that you really can paint something amazing in a Wyoming wind storm.

Well done, James Gurney. He just shared a video of a painting he did in Rawlins, Wyoming in mid-September. It was a typical Wyoming day with the wind howling, but that didn’t discourage James. It’s apparent he’s a pretty great artist and proves the elements will not stop him from sharing a scene he loves.

Early on in his video, the wind is so strong it blows over his easel. That provided a teachable moment when James showed a couple of genius ways to weigh down your painting platform with backpacks.

I must admit that the scene he was trying to paint didn’t immediately impress me as compelling. It’s a back alley in Rawlins. I can’t honestly say that I’ve wanted a painting of a back alley hanging over my couch. But, James points out the shadows and simple subject matter do in fact make a worthy painting.

James is a guy I’d recommend following on Instagram. He has our unique Wyoming perspective on life and sure can paint good.

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