The countdown is on! In a little more than 24 hours, the most amazing woman on planet earth will be rocking the stage at the Casper Events Center. Reba McEntire is on her way to Casper, and, as a life-long Reba fan, I'm stoked! So stoked, in fact, that I've been watching her music videos for the past week. This, like most useless things I do in my life, gave me an idea for the station. So, with that said, we present...

Reba's Top 5 Music Videos Of All Time

#5 Consider Me Gone

Reba has always had the coolest music videos. Like Michael Jackson(Bet you never thought of THAT comparison huh?), Reba doesn't just make music videos. She makes stories. Her videos always tell a story, they always have a plot, a beginning, middle and end. This song, that came out in 2009, is a newer video but it proved that she still had "it."

#4 If I Were A Boy

Mostly, I picked this one because Reba looks really, really pretty in it. Also, there are some pretty cool special effects, and the sarcasm behind this song, which came out this year,  is both funny and super sad. Dumb boys and their heartbreakin' ways.

#3 Because of You Ft. Kelly Clarkson

What do you get when you cross two gorgeous women with even more gorgeous voices? You get Because of You, and you get my eyes stuck to the screen every time I see it. Kelly Clarkson originally performed this song by herself, and it was great. But then her and Reba did it, and it was even better! The music video takes the song in an entirely different direction than Clarkson's original, but I prefer this version more. Clarkson does a phenomenal acting job, and am I the only one who was really hoping that Reba would just whoop this guy's ass at the end? I'm not ashamed to admit that  I cry every time I see this video.

#2 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Ok first of all, this song flipping rocks. That aside, this is perhaps Reba's most theatrical music video. It's got all the elements of a film noir from the 40's- Love, Lust, Murders, and a twist ending that would leave M. Night. Shamalaljdhdjdfj with his jaw on the floor. This song came out 20 years ago, and it's still as haunting as it ever was.

#1 Does He Love You

In keeping with the spirit of adultery and jaded lovers, this 1993 song shows a very spiteful Reba fighting for her husband's attention with Linda Davis. Clearly, as the end of song proves, Reba won. Why anyone would ever cheat on Reba baffles my mind, but be forewarned: If you do, you'll probably get blown up.

#Bonus Does He Love You ft. Kelly Clarkson

Here's this one, just because I like to pretend that I'm the man they're fighting over.