It's been a little more than a year after a large gash appeared near the Bighorn Mountains. The giant crack made folks from around the entire world scratch their heads as to what caused it.

Whatever conditions explain things like the above YouTube, there are many odd scenes across Wyoming's landscape. As usual, they are as beautiful as they are scary.

The narrator mentioned that “The Gash” was created by underground water, likening it to what created the Grand Canyon. We have no geologist to tell you to believe that, but were we taught that millions of years of Colorado River flow above ground did that?

Whatever did that, sometimes a fascinating YouTube is compelling enough to have us reading the comments below for more thoughts from other viewers. From just under “The Gash” video, here are a few of the most intriguing.

Sarah Conners:  Water runs deep and silently. Water can do whatever it wants.

Stefaneedee: Being from Wyoming I can tell you that this is not anything to get worried about. This kind of stuff happens all the time here. Yellowstone is NOT going to blow people, I repeat Yellowstone is NOT going to blow.

Jessica Pygall:  Stefaneedee maybe not in our day, but it defidently will at some point...

Cody Breaux:  Is this the sign that Yellowstone will erupt

Jerry Freudenburg:  probably due to all the fracking and other types of drilling and mining that happen out there. When they take out oil and other liquids or gasses the land above them will collapse.

Oops, Jerry just took it political. Either way, opinions can always be interesting in the YouTube comments section, especially about a video like this. Feel free to add your thoughts in our comment section. (That’s just below right. Click on the quote icon .)

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