If you're having a hard time relaxing today, I have a solution to you thanks to a new video share by some tourists. It's a mellow moment where a majestic group of elk were spotted swimming across a lake.

According to the video description, this video was captured last September before the snow arrived. It was 7:51 in the morning when they realized they had visitors. This is what they saw.

Here's what the family said about these graceful elk:

My husband and I were driving over a bridge and he noticed that the elk were getting ready to swim across. So, I jumped out and caught it on video!! It was 7:51am! The elk were spotted swimming in Yellowstone near Gull Point Drive!

My family has made several visits to Yellowstone, but I'm not familiar with that location so I looked it up. Your Yellowstone Vacation mentions this is a spur off of Grand Loop Road. The picture on their website looks exactly like the scene where this family recorded the video. Utah's Adventure Family lists this area as one of the essential places to visit in Yellowstone so I guess I need to add that to my list next time we're in the park. Natural Atlas has more details if you'd like to plan an adventure.

The fact that moments like this are common in Wyoming and Yellowstone in particular reminds you of how special our part of America is.

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