If you work in retail, there's a new study that claims you're more likely to also drink. Science.

This new claim comes from actual educated people (allegedly) from Penn State. They say that if you find yourself forcing a smile in your retail job, you're more likely to drink afterwards. They sampled people who work with the public like waiters and waitresses and discovered this:

They found a link between those who regularly faked or amplified positive emotions, like smiling, or suppressed negative emotions — resisting the urge to roll one's eyes, for example — and heavier drinking after work.

Their study says that this also affects those in the medical field like nurses. If you feel the need to show artificial emotions, you're more likely to drink heavily than someone who doesn't.

They claim this report is backed up by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

There is an exception to what they found though. The study says if you find your work personally rewarding you're less likely to turn to alcohol for relief.

Gotta love science.

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