There is a startling new report that claims Colorado is way better than Wyoming when it comes to homesteading and living off-the-grid.

This story is part of a huge story by Home Advisor. It's a deep dive into what locations are the best go-to areas if you want to homestead and/or get off-the-grid. I must admit that I was completely shocked to see Colorado named a best location and Wyoming not even listed in the top 10. Check out their map for yourself and notice that only the Jackson area mentioned in Wyoming.

If you look at the fine print about how they decided Colorado was so much better then Wyoming, you'll notice that they went to Instagram of all places and did a search for the hashtags #homesteading, #tinyliving, and #offgridliving. Think about this for a second. If someone is "off-the-grid" in Wyoming, do you REALLY think they'd go to Instagram to brag about it? I would say no.

To be fair, here are a couple of key maps of states they believe are best for off-the-grid living and homesteading.

Home Advisor
Home Advisor

I don't question that Colorado has some areas that are prime for off-the-grid living especially if you enjoy tiny homes. But, I definitely disagree that Colorado is better than Wyoming for getting away from civilization. Denver, anyone?

My point of contention goes back to their methodology behind this entire study. The whole point of off-the-grid living for many people is getting away from the trappings of modern life like social media. I will credit them for being open about how they came to these conclusions as you can check out how they did it for yourself and see if you agree.

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