I have come across of a report that is quite a shocker. It claims that North Dakota wasn’t really a state until 2012.

Here’s what I found trending on Digg. It’s a YouTube video share from Half as Interesting.

After seeing this video, I decided to dig deeper and see if this is really true. It appears it was.

Time Magazine wrote about this back in 2011. It says that because of a constitutional error, North Dakota did not actually qualify as an American state. It has to do with the lack of a requirement that the governor and state officials had not been required to take an oath of office. Who knew? Answer: not the governor and state officials in North Dakota.

The good news for North Dakota is that they did fix the constitutional error in 2012 during that election as the History of North Dakota Wikipedia page confirms.

If nothing else, this is something you can use to give your North Dakota friends a hard time about and that’s priceless.

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