Even by North Dakota standards, this was unexpected. Some North Dakota duck hunters shared video of a deer that joined them on the hunt. Oh, and they petted the deer and fed her Pop Tarts, too.

You really need to see this very chill hunting moment for yourself. This deer is probably too comfortable being around hunters.

The guy in the video said that he and 7 friends were out on a waterfowl hunt when this doe joined them. Here's a little more insight into the encounter:

She let us pet her and then followed us back to our hunting spot. She hung around for about 4 hours. We fed her pop tarts, she tried to get our dogs to play...

So, about those Pop Tarts. After doing a little digging, I learned that deer are quite partial to that breakfast food. There's an Arkansas hunting site that mentioned they saw a couple of bucks eating Pop Tarts. Some Georgia hunters also reportedly used Pop Tarts as a deer attraction. Michigan hunters claim to prefer Pop Tarts plain and untoasted as the perfect deer stand snack.

Fortunate for this deer is that it is duck season. Otherwise this feel-good moment could have ended completely differently.

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