According to a recent study Bison have largely stayed in Yellowstone National Park this winter and avoided being captured by park officials or killed by hunters this winter, officials said. (Billings Gazette). 

In the winter Bison usually migrate to lower elevations outside of the park as they search for food. That is when some are killed by hunters.

So, why did they stay in the park this year? The answer comes from an unusual source. As you know, there are many cameras inside Yellowstone. They run 24/7.

In recent years some of them have been equipped with microphones. You would be amazed to hear what bison talk about when humans are not around.

"Did you hear about that bull in South Dakota that pantsed that one tourist?" (Snorting sounds of several buffalo laughing), "Tossed her high in the air and her jeans were hanging from his horns!" (Snorting).

"I hear tell Steve wandered down to the lowlands in search of grass. He came running right back up as soon as they started shooting at him."

"I can't believe that."

"What, that them humans would shoot at a bison?"

"No, I can't believe Steve was running, much less up hill?"


"Well I'm Hanging close this year to get first dibs on the first fat tourist."

"I like the ones what are from California."

"New York City for me. They ain't never seen a wild animal of any kind so, I like to let them get real close, make them think I'm all cuddly and pet-able, then I GRUNT! If they don't leave me alone right away I draw them in then WHAM!"

(Snorting noises).

"Won't be two long before it warms up and they come back. I knocked down two last year. One was super fat. She rolled down the hill real nice. Like a ball. Screaming all the way."

(Sounds of many bison snorting in laughter).

So, now we see that, in reality, tourist are all sport to these bison. So much so, in fact, they keep score.

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