A beautiful wrought iron turn style gate guards the entrance to the old Pioneer Cemetery near Douglas Wyoming.

The cemetery is located on the north side of town on highway 59, just over the two bridges. The most southern bridge crosses the Platte River. The northern bridge crosses the rail road track.

You find the first entrance to the cemetery on the right if you are driving north on 59. That gate is unusual enough and worth taking a photo of - but not the one I am talking about.

Follow the winding road, past the sleeping pronghorns, and park in the small grass parking area just to the left of the gate.

The fencing around the gate has old metal doorknobs and locks. I have no idea why. In the center is a spinning iron gate.

Several of the old pioneer graves also have beautiful wrought-iron around them. Their craftsmanship is outstanding as well.

IN THE VIDEO BELOW, I show you the gate in operation.


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