There's a thief on the loose and they messed with the wrong guy.

Owner and president of hunting gear company Kifaru, Aron Snyder, harvested a monster bull elk this year.

Aron was military man who served in the Army, and made a name for himself in the outdoor world by testing hunting gear and posting reviews online. He took over Kifaru, in 2014 and now serves as the president of the company. Aron's a well respected outdoorsman, has made an impact on many in the industry and is taking Kifaru to the next level. The company recently made the move from Colorado to Wyoming and now operates in Riverton.

After the harvest, the head of the elk was being boiled for a future European mount.

Aron Elk Head 1
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It was at this point when the monster bulls head was stolen from a fenced backyard in Lander, and Aron wants it back.

Hunting is in Aron's blood and when you harvest a bull the size of the one he got, it'll make that blood boil when it gets stolen.

A representative from Kifaru, suggests that now is a good time to stay alert for racks being sold online, in a store or out of a truck.

Once someone is caught we will finally know the real motive, but turning the antlers for money is usually the case. Antler traders, taxidermists, pawn shops, and places of the like are more than likely the top areas to find stolen antlers that have been taken or sold. Worst case scenario they’re chopped up for dog treats.

A reward is being offered, if hopes that someone will come forward with the bull. The representative says

This bull is more important to the owner and us than the amount money someone will sell it for.

If you or someone you know has seen this bull, you're encouraged to contact Kifaru.

This isn't the first bull that's been stolen this year, outdoorsman named Adam Grenda, had his stolen from the back of a truck up in Montana.

Stealing other people's hard earned bulls, isn't ok. If you have knowledge of any bull that's been stolen, contact the non emergency line of local law enforcement or Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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