It is so much fun to post some of this older videos and give the kids, and some adults a little insight into some of our artists-gone-by.

Take for instance, John Denver, ( Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.) another one of my favorites.  John was an American songwriter, singer, (popular enough to host the Grammys in 1983 and 1984) activist, actor, poet, photographer, and even a pilot.

It would be his love of flying that would lead to his tragic death in 1997 in an experimental aircraft near Monterey, California.

John began as a folk singer playing an 1910 Gibson acoustic jazz guitar that his grandmother had given him.  He would join folk trios, The Chad Mitchell Trio, and Denver, Boise, and Johnson, before going solo in 1969.

John was named Poet Laureate of Colorado in 1977 and would write and record countless hits, including, Rocky Mountain High, Annie's Song, Take Me Home, Country Roads, and Thank God I'm a Country Boy.

Here's Sunshine On My Shoulders.