Many, many years ago I received my first AAA membership as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law and I wound up using that membership twice in that very first year. Since then, I've maintained my membership and even stepped up my member level since coming to Wyoming due to the longer distances we travel in this state.

Being a AAA member has more than paid for itself and has saved me and my vehicle in some desolate places, many on dirt roads and miles from the beaten path.

My AAA membership payed off again this weekend when I noticed a vibration in my truck that seemed to keep getting worse.  When I got to my destination I did a quick check of my truck tires to find that one of my radials was splitting down the middle. Another few miles down the road and I would have had to deal with a tire failure while driving and towing a trailer. Now, admittedly I knew my tires were old and on their last legs, but I didn't have the means to replace them just yet.

But after discovering my tire issues and with a storm rolling in added to the fact that I was miles from a service station, I called AAA and they sent out a service truck to take a look at my situation and help with freeing the spare under my truck (stuck from what I could only imagine was 8 years of dirt and rust).

With one phone call help was on the way!  With in an hour a service guy arrived with the proper tools for the job and the weather .  With the wind howling and rain quickly approaching he used his tow truck to lift the rear of my truck and then swapped out the bad tire with my spare in just minutes, all this was done as the wind and rain from a Wyoming thunderstorm pounded down on us.

Needless to say, I'm extremely grateful for the rescue!!

I know there are other road side assistance programs and plans, but AAA is the only one I've ever used and it hasn't let me down yet.

Could I have done all this myself? Yes, but it would have taken me quite a bit longer and changing a tire in the high winds and rains of Wyoming can be a dangerous situation.  That's part of the reason why I am a member and it's always nice to have expert help come to the rescue, especially when mechanical issues and mother nature throw a few tricks in your direction.

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