As Casper residents, sometimes our daily routines lead us to forget what a scenic and charming city we have right here in central Wyoming. Without taking anything for granted, Via Magazine (produced by the American Automobile Association - "AAA") has discovered Casper as a travel destination in their newest issue available now.

Dina Mishev paints a beautiful mental image of our great town and downtown area.  She includes many of the downtown Casper's businesses, dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. After reading just a few paragraphs, you'll be quickly reminded of what attracts a lot of visitors to Casper and why most of us rave to family and friends about our great city.

Casper has a rich and colorful history, with lots of museums, theaters, restaurants and more all within walking distance of downtown. Reading this article I realize how much is still yet to be discovered right here in our town.

Take a look at the article and see if you are missing out on any hidden gems.

Click here to read the article - Catching onto Casper, Wyo.

Click here to go to the AAA - Via Magazine website

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