It's a new year and, with that, comes new adventures that Casper residents can have, simply by coming to the library! We're not talking simply checking out a book and moving on, either. The library is so much more than just a place to rent a book.

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In fact, the Natrona County Public Library has highlighted '23 Things to do at the Library in 2023,' and many of the items listed are things we had no idea we could do at the library.

Such as:

You can get your passport! According to Megan Bratton, the writer of the article, "The Library is a full-service Passport Application Acceptance Facility, which means that our trained staff can take your pictures and help with filling out the forms and forwarding paperwork to the U.S. State Department."

Not only that, but you can also notarize important documents. Many of the NCPL staff are notary publics and they're happy to witness you sign anything you need.

The library also has movies, video games, audio books, and even STEAM Learning tools and toys to check out.

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The NCPL offers free WiFi and it even allows members to rent the internet. That's right - RENT THE INTERNET.

"Check out free mobile hotspots for at-home use just as you would check out any other item from the Library," the article stated. "The WiFi2Go mobile hotspot is easy to use – just turn it on, and you are ready to connect up to 15 devices to the internet."

If you'd rather stay at the library to access the internet, that's okay too. You can use their resources to build and print out a resume and cover letter, or any other document that you need.

The library also has equipment for you to record a podcast and even become a social media influencer.

"With our at-home backdrops, light rings, tripods, and cameras, you can check out everything you need from our Library of Things to start influencing others with your social media presence!" the article noted.

The library even offers video production equipment for individuals and businesses to record videos, student films, and more!

Those are just some of the things available at the Natrona County Public Library. You can also learn about social media, become a tennis player (we know - weird right?), knit a sweater, and so much more.

To read the full list of 23 Things to do at the Library in 2023, you can visit this link.

Banned Books at Natrona County Public Library

The Natrona County Public Library is currently 'celebrating' 'National Banned Books Week' by featuring a variety of books that, at one time or another, for one reason or another, was banned. 

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