Valentine's day is just a week away and if you're planning to give roses to your sweetheart to mark the special occasion, you should really know what "Secret Message" you're sending.

Yes, the number of roses you give carries a meaning that I had  never realized.  Check out this guide to the number of roses to give and what each color means.

What does the color of the rose mean:

-- Red: Love, Beauty, Respect, Romantic Love

-- Burgundy: Unconscious Beauty

-- White: Purity, Innocence, Heavenly

-- Pink: Appreciation, Thank You, Admiration

-- Yellow: Joy, Friendship, I Care

-- Black: Death, Farewell

-- Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm

-- Red and White: Given together means "Unity"

-- Thorn-less Rose: "Love at First Sight"

How many roses should I give and what do they mean:

-- One rose: is meant for early in a relationship, and means love at first sight.

-- Three roses: represents a shared love, and should be a one-month anniversary gift.

-- Six roses: symbolizes passion and infatuation.

-- Ten roses: says you believe your love is PERFECT.

-- Twelve roses: is perfect for Valentine's Day, and means "be mine."

-- Thirteen roses: means you just want to be friends.

-- Fifteen roses: means you're "SORRY".

-- Twenty-four roses: is like shouting "I'm yours."

-- And Forty roses: means your love is truly genuine. And also means that you have a lot of money!

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at My Country 95.5!

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