Calling all husbands that are feeling henpecked by their wives...we have some good news for you.

A recent study we found on shows that husbands who have controlling wives live longer, and are overall healthier. In the article, it says

This may be due to the fact that some wives constantly monitor their husbands' health, especially if the husbands are in poor health or have diseases like diabetes that require frequent monitoring.

What an unhappy husband calls nagging, we call "encouraging our spouse to make better choices."

Keep in mind there IS such a thing as being too controlling.

Nagging your partner to eat healthfully and exercise, reminding them about visits to the doctor and inspiring them to make better health choices...good.

Controlling their every move and talking about all of their choices in a negative and bullying way...bad.

The bottom line is, husbands if your wife is always nagging you to make healthier choices instead of being grouchy, say thank you.

She truly has the best of intentions, and science shows that she's increasing your life expectancy.

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