If you have a friend in Cheyenne, tell them to relax. They need to according to a new study that says Cheyenne is more stressed than Casper. Science.

This new look into the most and least stressed cities in America comes from WalletHub. Check out this handy map that they just shared. The bigger the circle the least stressed the city is.

Source: WalletHub

Did you notice that Casper is a bigger circle than Cheyenne? That's because Cheyenne is ranked #130 and Casper is #143 as far as stress goes. If you look at the reasons why, you'll see that Cheyenne gets dinged big-time over work stress. They're one of the top 50 most stressed work cities while Casper is just chilling.

To be fair, Casper doesn't fare well for the "health and safety" stress meter. We're a top 50 loser in that category, but let's just pretend like we didn't see that. Wouldn't want to stress anyone out, would we? Just focus on this 4 hours of mountain stream sounds.

You are welcome.

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