I love science especially when it's telling me something that makes me happy. That's the case with new research that indicates old people have more fun than the youngsters.

The newest survey comes from The Mirror. They report that people 35 and under are the most miserable demographic while old people are enjoying life more. Before you start thinking this is all a British thing since they talked to English folk, there are multiple sources that tell the same story.

AARP (yes, that's the organization that give old people cards that sometimes get them discounts at restaurants) shared a ton of data about how older people tend to make more time to do things they love.

What makes some 35 and younger so miserable? The Today Show did a piece about this very subject a decade ago and had a unique perspective. Here's a tidbit of what they said:

this generation has never known a world that put duty before self...

I feel like a bit of a disclaimer is in order. First, reports like this like to use a broad brush to group people with one big label. I know for a fact many younger than 35 that either currently serve their country in the armed forces or have recently. They definitely understand service and selfless duty. But, in general, I get the point about the perspective of SOME 35 and younger people. Emphasis on "some".

It's good to know that my over 35 generation still has a few tricks up our sleeves. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get back to watching Grumpy Old Men on Netflix.

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