I wish I had invented this app myself. A genius dad has created a phone app that freezes a child’s phone until they respond. This is parental perfection.

I saw this on Upworthy. It’s the story of Nick Herbert and an app he created called RespondASAP. Here’s how it works as described on the Google Play Store page:

RespondASAP is a means for family members to ensure that their important and urgent messages are seen.

It appears that the child can snooze the alert for 3 minutes, but after that it will freeze their phone until they respond. It’s free to download, but there is a small fee if you invite someone to your account.

The Today Show was so impressed, they featured RespondASAP.

There’s only one downside. At the moment, it’s only available for Android phones, but there is hope for iPhone people based on this statement on the app page:

The app needs to be installed on the phones of two family members who wish to able to send urgent messages (ASAPs) to each other. Currently it only works on Android, but we are looking to get it rolled onto iOS shortly.

This is next-level parenting, Nick. Well played, sir.

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