Scotty McCreery found a friend and fan in George Strait when he released his new song, a tribute to the King of Country called "Damn Strait." Not only does McCreery tip his hat to Strait in the song's lyrics, but he also uses its music video as a mini-biography of Strait's early years, filmed at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas, where Strait frequently played as a young musician.

Strait tweeted his approval of the song and music video, and in a new interview with Taste of Country Nights, McCreery says the King got in touch with him personally, too.

"George is George. He doesn't have to do anything, you know? He's the King," the younger singer gushes. "But man, he saw [the song] and wrote back to us separately, like, 'Man, I love it. Thanks for the tribute.' And then he tweeted it out. I loved all that."

But it wasn't the first time McCreery's path has crossed with Strait's. Their acquaintanceship dates back to McCreery's days as a contestant on American Idol in 2011, when Strait selected a song — his own "Check Yes or No" — for McCreery to perform in the finals on the show.

Now, with Strait a fan of McCreery's new song, fans couldn't be blamed for wondering if a collaboration — or a new version of "Damn Strait" featuring the country giant himself — might be in the offing.

"It'd be awesome. I don't know how much he's doing that kind of stuff. But it would be cool," McCreery notes, adding that the song's subject matter might sound a little strange coming out of Strait's mouth. "He'd have to be somewhat cursing himself! But I think he could do it in a cool manner."

Still, though "Damn Strait"'s brought them closer together, McCreery's adamant that Strait is still very much an idol to him, and not a peer.

"I do not have the King's number," he adds with a laugh, when asked if the two ever text, "But maybe this song will do that. Maybe."

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