Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi married on June 16, 2018, but their love took flight long before that. In a 2019 interview, Gabi said that love has been a "God thing" from the very beginning.

"It's really a God thing that we got together," Gabi remarks during a podcast interview with Caroline Hobby. "His love shines brighter through us together more than us separate. It has been so cool to see how much His love shines through us."

The McCreerys' love was planted when the two North Carolina natives, now in their 20s, were in grade school.

"Our faith is a big part of our relationship," explains Gabi, who says she personally relies on devotion and prayer to see her through the tough days. "Our parents raised us both to know that we are full in ourselves on our own and that’s something I really love about us. We know who we were before we got married. We knew who we were in Christ before we got married.”

Loving each other with all that they have is something that Gabi feels will continue to sustain them in the years ahead.

“(Scotty) always makes me feel like I should be the most loved person in the world,” she admits about her husband. “I don’t deserve that kind of love, but it’s the same love that Jesus gives us every day."

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