Today kicks off an event that, due to COVID-19, was cancelled last year...2021 Pony Express Re-Ride! The re-ride will run 24hours a day for 10 days and run the same route that was run from April of 1860 to November 1861. The kickoff will be in Sacramento, CA then roll through Nevada, Utah, WYOMING, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and end in Independence, Missouri on June 26th.

600 riders will take the Pony Express Oath before embarking on a relay ride of 1-5 miles per rider while transporting a leather square bag filled with letters, just like in the 1800's. I love when history is not forgotten and this event ,that will roll right through the Southern portion of Wyoming, is surely to keep this impactful piece US history alive.

The route will gallop across the Utah/Wyoming state line near Barker Ranch before heading North to Evanston on Monday June 21st and will continue across the state before crossing into Nebraska Wednesday afternoon near Lyman, Nebraska.

While riding through Wyoming, some of the stops around the Casper area will be Ft. Caspar (June 22 around 6:45 pm), National Historic Trail Center (June 22 around 7:10 pm) The Sinclair Refinery (June 22 around 8pm) before heading to Glenrock (June 22 around 10pm). The full interactive route map and estimated times can be found HERE!

The history of this ride is incredible. To think what the riders like John Fry, William Campbell, Major Howard Egan, Robert Haslam and William (Sam) Hamilton went through to make sure mail was delivered 1,966 miles in just 10 days is fascinating!

Just over 1 year of the Pony Express made such an impact on American history and Wyoming played a large part of that history.

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