Things we see every day look so much more interesting when we add a little different light, or maybe some snow, or fog.

Dan Mahrsess lives in Cheyenne Wyoming and is well known in the area for his interesting videos, and photos, that show the town in ways that most people who live there miss.

Some people just have an eye for it.

In the video below we get to ride with Dan as he takes to the streets of Cheyenne during a heavy midnight fog.

There are photos below that you must see.

Put a little mood music with it and we have a hauntingly beautiful video.

You can follow Dan Mahrsess's Facebook page to see his view of the world around him and the many creative photos and videos he posts on the world around us.

He posted this fog video on the Cheyenne Rants & Raves page on Facebook.

Dan has several photos that go with this video, you can also see them on his Facebook page.

That includes the Cheyenne Capital in foggy light.

These are the kinds of things you see when you wake up in the midnight hours and think, 'Oh I have got to see this.'

Then comes the urge to share what you see with anyone else who might be interested.

Folks see the capital building all the time.

But how many people can honestly say that they have seen it like this?

Photo By Dan Mahress
Photo By Dan Mahress

Notice the color of the branches on the tree in the foreground.

That's hoarfrost.

Fog in very cold air gathers on anything it can stick to and gives us this white snowy look, though it's not actually snow.

Capital street is shiny with the stuff, making for slick roads.

Drive carefully on that black ice.

But it sure looks good, doesn't it?

Note the blue light on the top left of the capital.

That's a skylight above the House Of Representatives.

Photo By Dan Mahress
Photo By Dan Mahress

Streetlights and stoplights look very different in fog.

These yellow lights are telling Dan to slow down, or speed up because the intersection is about to go red.

Since everything is cold and wet we can see the reflections of those lights across this view.

From the hood of the car to the streets and buildings.

Again, the cold fog makes it all look so quiet and mysterious.

But hold on, when it comes to Cheyenne lights at night, there is one street that Dan must show you, and he did not forget to turn that way.

Photo By Dan Mahress
Photo By Dan Mahress

We are just getting warmed up here, no pun intended.

To see the entire collection of photos visit the post Dan shared on the Cheyenne Rant's & Raves Facebook page.

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My name is Glenn Woods.

News Talk KGAB AM650 is one of the stations in Wyoming that carries my show, Wake Up Wyoming.

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