People seem to fall into one of 3 different categories. They either are a cowboy, think they're one or want to be one. If you're in that last group, I found a place near Wheatland you need to see as it's a real bunkhouse.

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This is the Hat Creek Ranch Bunkhouse near Wheatland, Wyoming. It's a mighty fine place and I have the pics to prove it.

See Inside a Real Bunkhouse Airbnb Near Wheatland, Wyoming

The nice thing about the Hat Creek Ranch Bunkhouse is you can actually stay there...if you can afford it. The nightly cost as of this writing is $245 per night and likely worth every penny if you have cowboy tendencies. Looks like every single review so far is 5 stars out of 5 which means it must be as nice as it looks.

You can check out pics shared by Kitrina on Airbnb for more images, details and updates on a one-of-a-kind Wyoming bunkhouse Airbnb...pardner.

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