When it comes to getting that epic photo, I like to think of the George S. Patton Jr. quote:

There is no such thing as luck, merely opportunity meeting preparedness.

This image A Flash of Brilliance, from Kevin Palmer Photography, is just that. The moment when opportunity meets preparedness crashing together as lightning strikes the town of Sheridan.

Kevin also shared the story of the photo. On Facebook he wrote:

The raw power dwarfed everything around and it took awhile for my eyes (and ears) to recover. I'm still not sure what was struck, but one of the forks looks like it connects with the short tower on the hill. I've tried before and failed to capture lightning from this vantage point overlooking Sheridan. But when I heard a thunderstorm rolling out of the mountains shortly before midnight, this is where I went.

If you follow the photography of Wyoming, you've probably seen Kevin Palmer's images before. Capturing the nights sky is one of his specialties, and he is very good at it. His images gracefully blend the milky way with Devils Tower or Old Faithful.

His images have been featured on Spaceweather.com, the Weather Channel, EarthSky.org, and Space.com. Please treat yourself and check out the full gallery on his website. If you like this photo, there will surely be other images that will catch your eye.

Special thanks to Kevin Palmer Photographer for allowing us to use his images.

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