Leave it to one of our own to prove once and for all why you won't find a better night sky than you have here in Wyoming. A photographer from Sheridan just shared a new time-lapse of what we get to enjoy every night here.

According to his Vimeo bio, Kevin Palmer is based out of Sheridan. He has spent years taking photos and videos of Wyoming night skies plus other epic western locations. The result is this time-lapse video called "In a Dark Place" and it's a must-watch.

Here's how Kevin described his project on his Vimeo share:

Where the sky is darkest, the stars shine the brightest. Far away from light pollution, the wonders of the universe are on full display. Meteor showers, northern lights, the Milky Way, comets, satellites, and more captivate those who look up. Even in a chaotic world, the heavens still bring peace and inspire awe and wonder. In this film approximately 60 hours of night sky footage is compressed into 15 minutes. Consisting of more than 6 years of photography across numerous states and countries, this is my biggest time lapse project to date.

Locations in this film include Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Sweden, Illinois, Saskatchewan, Iceland, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, and Florida.

If you fancy yourself a sky watcher, you know that having a dark sky is key. If there are a lot of city lights around, it makes the stars harder to see. Enter Wyoming which is one of the least populated states in America and you have the fringe benefit of having pretty skies you can actually see over your head. Kevin did an amazing job of showing how special that is.

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